Saturday, October 20, 2012

And the winners are...

The votes are in and the photos for my 2013 calendar have been selected.   Here's the results in order of votes:

  1. Super Moon - Cover Photo
  2. Virginia Creek
  3. Mountain Reflections
  4. Sunrise Roan Mountain Highlands
  5. Sunrise From Sun Point
  6. Sunflower
  7. Sunrise View From Many Glacier Hotel
  8. Rainbow Rocks
You can view all the photos that will be on the calendar here
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It was fun to see what you liked and didn't like.  I learned some things
  • A flower may be pretty but few people want to look at them on their calendar for a month.
  • I don't have to travel far to take photos that people like.   You picked three local shots and I picked four so half the photos were taken in our own region.
  • The most popular photo was taken while standing in my back yard.
  • Everybody's taste is different.   Every photo except one was on someone's list of seven.
Thanks to everyone who voted and a big thanks to everyone who ordered calendars.  I'm already within 30 of my goal for this year and the orders are still flowing in at a pretty good pace.   I expect to blow right past that goal and keep going right up to the end of the year.  Don't worry if you have not ordered yet.   Email me your order and I'll make sure you get as many as you want.

I'm really enjoying putting this calendar together and getting my customers involved.   Best of all, 100% of the profit goes to support Hope Haven Ministries in Kingsport.   

Sunday, October 7, 2012

2013 Wall Calendars

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The days are getting shorter, the temps cooler, and the leaves have started to turn red, yellow and gold.   You know what that means?   It’s time to finish up my 2013 photo calendar!   Last year I sold these calendars and donated all the profit to  Hope Haven Ministries (  in Kingsport.   I sold more calendars than I imagined and this year I’m hoping to sell even more.

These are 12 month wall calendars that are 17 inches tall x 11 inches wide when opened.  Each page includes one of my best landscape or nature photographs from the past 12 months plus a relevant scripture or verse.  This year will be similar to the 2012 calendars except that the day of the month will be printed much bigger.

The calendars will be available around Thanksgiving and they make great Christmas gifts.   They are only $15 each.  The best part is the money stays here in Kingsport and goes to Hope Haven Ministries.

You Can Pick The Photos

This year I’m going to let my customers help me pick out the calendar photos.  I have selected 26 candidate photos.  Of those I have picked my favorite 6 plus one for the back cover  ( ).  Anyone who pre-orders a calendar gets to vote on which ones should make up the remaining six plus the cover photo.   Sound like fun? 

Here's how to vote.   Look at all the candidate photos ( ) and send me an email with your favorite seven.  Identify your picks by the caption that shows under the picture.   The best way to view the photos is by clicking the Slideshow button.   The seven that get the most votes will be included.   The one that gets the most will be on the cover.   Voting ends Saturday October 20.

Spread The Word!

I rely on word of mouth for my marketing so please pass the word.  Anyone can pre-order by sending me a note and tell me how many they want.   The more pre-orders I get the better price I can get on the printing and the more money goes to Hope Haven.

Have questions?  You can contact me using the Contact link at the bottom of my website