Saturday, April 3, 2010

Flower Macros

Spring Time!  The flowers are blooming all around, in the garden, wildflowers in the park, and even weeds in the lawn!   This is a great time to enjoy God's creations.  Look closely at a flower or leaf.  Now look closer.  It's amazing what you can discover in the delicate details in these little plants.   

I enjoy getting out and taking close up or "macro" photos of flowers in the spring.  So far I've taken pictures of tulips, crocuses and mountain laurel growing in the yard.  On Good Friday I went to Laurel Run Park near Church Hill Tennessee and got pictures of wildflowers that had just opened.  This was a scouting run for a Camera Club outing on April 10.  Unless we have a freeze between now and then the wildflowers will be even more beautiful a week from now.

The photo on the right is a tulip leaf.  For years I've ignored the leaves waiting on the flowers.  Now that I've looked closer I see the beauty in all parts of the flower.   I call this one "A Cup of Light"  because it looks like the light is about to spill over the top of the leaf.

I've started a Macro Flower album on my website and will be adding pictures to it all spring.  You can go to it directly via this link -  Macro Flowers Album   Be sure to keep checking back every so often as I add more photos of the flowers of springtime.

The yellow and purple photo on the left is a purple crocus.   When you're taking photos that close up, the range of focus or depth of field is extremely small.   In this case only about 1/8" is in focus. 

The orange and while photo on the right is a white crocus.  

Finally, this is a red tulip petal.  It was taken in the morning when the sun was low and shining across the petal and through the water drops.

There are more photos in the Macro Flower album and I'll be adding more over the next several weeks.  I hope you enjoy these.

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