Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dennis Cove in Cherokee National Forest

Several more photos from Dennis Cove available in the Dennis Cove Album

After getting a hint that Pink Lady Slippers were still in bloom near the Dennis Cove Campground we headed up the mountain above Hampton TN to check out the trail from the campground towards Dennis Cove Falls.   We have been hiking in that area for 27+ years and had never hiked this trail.   In fact, we didn't even know the campground was there.  We normally park at the AT trail and hike to Laurel Falls.
There were many Pink Lady Slippers all along the Dennis Cove trail.  The trail follows a pretty little creek that afforded some nice photo opportunities.   We had plans to hike on up to Dennis Cove Falls but were blocked at the first creek crossing.  The water was about waist high, cold, and too fast to wade.  The log that others have used to cross was gone and we decided to give up on those falls and head to Laurel Falls.

Laurel Falls was a very popular spot that day with about 20 people at the falls when we got there.  The sun was directly on the falls so there were no waterfall photos that day.   After hanging around for a while I waded into the water to get some shots of Bluettes growing on the side of the creek.

All in all it was a great day for a hike.   The saddest part is this is pretty much the end of the best part of the wildflower season in our area.   There are still others blooming but not like April and May.  We'll have to say goodbye to the Trillium, Phlox, Bloodroot, Bishops Caps, Columbine, and other early season wildflowers until next year.

Be sure and check out the other photos from Dennis Cove available in the Dennis Cove Album

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