Monday, December 13, 2010

Finalist in Outdoor Photographer 3rd Annual Nature's Colors Contest

I don't normally enter these online contests because they get thousands of entries and the odds are about as bad as winning a million dollar lottery.   When I got an email about the latest contest at Outdoor Photographer I decided to try it and entered 5 photos.    Well, there were about 6,300 entries from thousands of talented photographers from all over the world.   I was shocked when I saw one of mine in the 80 finalists.  

Sunset Over San Joaquin

How cool is that?   There are not a lot of awards in this contest.   The judges will pick the Grand Prize and First Place winners around December 17.   There is also a people's choice award based on online votes.   If you like this photo go to and vote.  You have to create an account, but that will also get you on the Outdoor Photographer emailing list, which will get you the online edition for free.   Voting ends January 6.

While you are there you might browse the other finalists.   There's some really good photos out there.

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