Sunday, January 6, 2013


This week I sold the last of my landscape calendars to raise money for Hope Haven Ministries.  I have one in my office at work and one in the kitchen at home, but didn't have one for my office at home.   Never fear, June found Art Wolfe's Scenic Landscapes calendar at Big Lots!  If you're a landscape photographer you probably know who Art Wolfe is.  He's pretty well known.  He even had  a couple TV Series including - Travels To The Edge with Art Wolfe.  I was pretty excited when she called and told me she got an Art Wolfe Calendar (being married to a landscape photographer, she knows who he is).

When I opened up the calendar I was surprised to find that I have been to 7 of the 12 places on Art's calendar and had similar photos from 6 of them.   Not only were they similar, but a few were very similar.   I thought it would be fun to compare them side by side.

I scanned the calendar pages and then added my photo beside the calendar photo.

My Delicate Arch picture was taken on our very first trip where I first got interested in photography.  I was using a Canon compact digital camera and my dad's collapsible tripod from back in the 60's.  I don't have the original file so this is a picture of a print hanging in our kitchen.

The Lake Josephine shots were not in exactly the same place but you can match up the mountain peaks.

 Moraine Lake was also taken with the Canon compact digital camera and hand-me-down tripod.

 I didn't have a similar shot of Bridalveil Falls, but we were there. 

Finally, The Swiftcurrent Lake shots were both taken at sunrise from close to the same spot.  It looks like he might have been standing in the water.  Since the air temp was around 40 that morning I didn't venture into the lake.

My point is not to compare my photography with Art's.  What stuck me is how blessed June and I are to be able to travel and how patient she is when I want to get up before sunrise on vacation and take forever to get a shot.  When I can open a 12 month landscape calendar and say I've already been to 7 of the 12 places (with plans to go to an 8th this year) I know I am blessed.

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