Monday, March 18, 2013

Online Photography Magazine - Photograph

Those of you who read my blog know I enjoy photography books.   I've gathered quite a collection in my library, including several eBooks.   I also subscribe to a couple photography magazines, but after a few years I find the articles are short and not in depth enough for me.  They tend to spend a significant number of their pages on reviewing the latest gear. I'm not in the market for new gear and tend to skip over these, plus all the pages and pages of ads.

I recently subscribed to an eMagazine - Photograph, A Quarterly Magazine for Creative Photographers from the people at Craft & Vision.

I missed the first issue and subscribed for the next 4 issues for $24.   The second edition is 120 pages of interviews with and photographs from premier artists, instructional articles, inspiring articles, and yes, there is one gear review article.    Because they are not sponsored by the gear makers and sellers, their reviews may be a bit more reliable than what you get in the traditional printed magazines.  What's missing in the ads.  There is not one ad in the magazine.   Only $6 per issue or $0.05 per page this is a nice deal.  Because it is delivered in Adobe PDF format, I can keep it on my home PC, my laptop on the road, and even my smart phone. 

The featured portfolios in the second edition are from Martin Bailey, an excellent landscape and nature photographer living in Japan, Andy Biggs, a specialist in B&W images of African wildlife, and the portrait photographer Chris Orwig.  Being able to enjoy photos from these artists is worth the price of the entire edition.  There is a Q&A interview article about each photographer that goes along with their portfolios. 

Other articles include
  • Using the Frame by John Paul Caponigro
  • Long Exposure Photography in a Few Simple Steps by Younes Bounhar
  • Inspiration and Fight by Chris Orwig
  • On Missing the Shot by David Duchemin  
  • Studio Sketch book - Simple Sushi Session by Kevin Clark
  • Taxi Driver. The Armenian Remake using Lightroom 4 by Piet Van Den Eynde
  • Why Resolution Matters, But Doesn't Matter by Martin Bailey
  • Exposure and Metering Modes by Nicole S. Young
  • FujiFilm X-Pro 1 by Al Smith
  • Fall In by Jay Goodrich
I've had this magazine for a few weeks now and have not finished reading it yet.  I find myself spending more time reading and thinking about what I have read.  When I get a typical print photography magazine I tend to be finished with it in less than two hours.

I suggest you check out this new eMagazine.  Buy one copy for $8 to check it out.    I'm pretty sure you'll be subscribing.

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