Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's Time For You To Pick Photos For My 2014 Calendar

Each year I make a calendar with some of my favorite photos from the past 12 months.  I then sell these calendars to raise money for Hope Haven Ministries in Kingsport.  Sales have increased each year and I'm excited to see how we do this year.

These are 12 month wall calendars that are 17 inches tall x 11 inches wide when opened.  Each page includes one of my best landscape or nature photographs from the past 12 months plus a relevant scripture or quote.

Anyone who intends to buy one (or more!) of these calendars can help pick the photos that will grace the pages.  This is a fun way for you to be involved and can tell your friends - "I picked that one!"

Here's how it works.   I have done the hard part of going through all my photos from October 2012 through August 2013 and narrowed the list of candidates down to 30.
One of my picks

  • One goes on the back cover
  • Four are my picks (I get to choose my favorites)
  • That leaves 9 to be chosen out of the remaining 25.

Here's how the very unscientific voting process works.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on any of the photos to zoom in.
  3. You can then move forward or backward using the left and right arrow keys.
  4. Scroll through the photos, paying attention to the photo names at the bottom left.  Remember the vertical waterfall photo goes on the back and the last four are my picks.  Don't pick those.
  5. Pick your favorite 9 and send me an email to with the names of your picks.  This is the name that displays at the bottom left of the photo.
  6. Let your friends, neighbors, family, and random strangers on the street know about the calendars.  Spread the word.
I will tally the votes and announce the winners on Sunday September  22.

The calendars will be available around Thanksgiving and they make great Christmas gifts.   They are only $15 each.  The best part is the money stays here in Kingsport and goes to Hope Haven Ministries.

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