Thursday, March 27, 2014

Free Xpression

One of my photos is on the cover of a Literary Magazine in Australia.   

I don't want anyone to be over impressed.   This is a small circulation periodical and I donated the image.    I was flattered with the Editor contacted me and was more than happy to support this Christian publication.   

Then he asked me to send another photo and write something for the back cover.  Me, write something for a literary magazine?  Now that was an intimidating request but I gave it a shot.  Here's what will be printed on the back of the April issue.

Rainy Days

The word photography is light (photo) writing or drawing (graphy).   Without light I could not have made the cover photo.  Likewise, I could not have made the photo without storms.

There was a fine rain blowing on Cadillac Mountain when I took the cover photo, making it impossible for me to see through my glasses to focus the camera.   I had to trust my camera to focus properly.  The photo above also involved a rain storm.  While I was still a ways off, I could see lightning flashing in the clouds over my mountain top destination.   I could have turned around but instead I continued on to the top.   In place of a mountain top sunrise I was treated to a forest scene bathed in fog.  Like with the cover photo, the storms rewarded me with beautiful soft light, much better conditions for photographing in the forest.

Trust is turning over decisions to someone else. Trust is not easy.   I trusted my camera because I had been using it for a while and knew it could focus correctly even when I couldn’t. Likewise I had to trust that God had something in store for me if I only continued to the mountain top.   There will always be storms in our lives.  We just have to believe that there is something better in store if we only trust The Lord.

Peter is going to mail me a hard copy from the other side of the world.  I'm looking forward to getting my very own copy.

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  1. Congratulations, Richard! This is indeed a high honor, surpassed only by your faith and example for the rest of us. Most deserved.