Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Preparation, Anticipation and Results

We went to Roan Highlinds along the Tennessee - North Carolina boarder for sunrise this morning.   Here's how it went.

The Preparation

  1. We gathered our hiking and camera gear the night before.
  2. Got up at 3:00 AM.
  3. Made coffee, gathered some snacks and were on the road by 3:40.
  4. Drove the 90 minutes to Carvers Gap and hiked by the light of the full moon to Round Bald.

The Anticipation

  1. Found our spot, which wasn't as easy as you might expect it would be at 5:40 AM.  There were lots of other photographers who had the same idea.
  2. Waited as the sky began to brighten.  We could see below us billowing clouds as far as you could see, but the sky was clear above those clouds.   We were anticipating this was going to be a great sunrise. 
  3. Made several photos as we waited for the sun to burst over the clouds and turn the cloud tops to fire.   Here's what it looked like at 5:53 AM
5:53 AM

The Results

See that cloud in the center?   It was moving up the hillside and quickly blocked the sunrise.   Within 11 minutes it looked like this.

6:04 AM

After the preparation and anticipation the resulting sunrise was a dud photographically.  Later we ran into another couple who had left Spartenburg SC at 2:00 AM to get to the higher Grassy Ridge for sunrise.  Their sunrise was not blocked by the clouds and looked spectacular on the back of his camera.

It didn't take long for the fog to blow out and things improved quickly.

6:15 AM

By 6:29 we were enjoying the first rays of sunlight to hit the balds and light up the Flame Azaleas.
6:29 AM

In the end the results were not what we prepared for or anticipated but it turned out to be a great morning to hike the balds of Roan Highlands.   Today God gave us a great morning to start the weekend.  Now for a nap.

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