Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beyond Iconic Photos - Iconic Time Lapse

I recently read an online article in the Washington Post that proves my assertion that we all take iconic photos.  My definition of an iconic photo is one that is taken thousands of times by thousands of people.  These photos often look very similar, only varying by season, time of day or weather conditions.   Sometimes the photos are copies of outstanding photos by famous photographers, such as Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View or the obvious vantage point people naturally gravitate to when photographing a scene, such as this view of Butchart Gardens in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Butchart Gardens

Sometimes there are limited options which leads to everyone's photo looking the same.  An example is Triple Falls in Dupont State Forest.

Triple Falls

There is really only one place to stand where you can see most of the falls.  This has led to everyone's photos looking pretty much the same.  I tried to be different by converting to black and white.

If you google for images on the internet you can find many examples of iconic photos.   Try it yourself by entering "Butchart gardens images" and look at the top images.  They will look very similar to mine.

Now, researchers at Google and University of Washington have taken this to the next level.  They have searched through 86 million images on publically accessible photo websites looking for "iconic photos".

The Butchart Gardens photo shows up around the four-minute mark in the video.

This video would not be possible without people's tendency to take iconic photos.   As you can tell from my photos, I guilty of taking them as well.  It's OK to take the iconic photo, just don't stop there.  Look around for other shots from different angles that also tell a story, like these, also from Butchart Gardens.

A Photographer's World
Also taken at Butchart 

As is this one.  I have no idea what kind of flower it was but it was interesting.

Have fun and go Beyond The Iconic Photo.

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