Sunday, October 2, 2016

The People Have Spoken! Finalists For My 2017 Calendar

The results are in.   I can now tell you which 14 photos made the cut and will be on the 2017 calendar.

First Place - Northern Lights

The Winners - Top 14

Place Title Votes
1 Northern Lights 34
2 Milky Way 32
3 Sunset and Layers 30
4 America! 27
5 Beam Me Up 26
6 Crabtree Falls 25
6 Red 25
6 Snow Covered Reflections 25
6 Sunset on Fort Patrick Henry Lake 25
10 View from Roan Mountain 24
11 Fall In The Smokies 23
12 Little Church in The Cove 22
12 Rolling Fall Color 22
14 Appalachian Trail 21

The Others

Place Title Votes
15 Angry Seas 19
16 Bleeding Hearts 18
16 Tree Ornaments 18
18 Mountain Bluff Reflections 17
19 Standing Firm 16
19 String of Pearls 16
21 Cool Mountain Stream 15
21 Fall Sunset 15
21 Waves of Grass 15
24 Foggy Morning 13
24 Tennessee Barn 13
26 Fall Kayak Trip 12
26 Rhododendrons 12
26 Tulips 12
29 Bloom From The Backside 10
29 High Surf in Iceland 10
29 Ice Lagoon 10
32 Linville River, NC 9
32 Pink Dogwood Blooms 9
34 Clematis in Bloom 8
34 Wild Columbine 8
36 Fall Reflections 7
37 Focus 6
You can view the photos in order by going to 

Every year I am surprised by which photos you like and the ones that fall to the bottom list.   I really shouldn't be all that surprised because I learn the same things each year.
  • This is the first year I have included night sky photos and they were very popular, placing first and second.
  • Landscapes are the most popular.
  • People don't want to see a flower photo on their calendar for an entire month.  They really don't want to see a big bee on a flower.
  • Photos that were taken in this region tend to do better than those taken elsewhere.

What surprises did you see in the results?  

I've started the process of laying out the calendar.   I'm going to change up the style just a little bit this year.  I think you'll like the results.   

I'll be ordering the calendars from the printer in a couple weeks. My goal is to run out just before Christmas and that has worked out every year so far.  It helps if I have a good idea of how many will be needed.  

If you would like to order one or more calendars:

  1. Send me an email letting me know how many you want.
  2. I'll send you an email with info on how to pay for them.  They are $15 each, plus $3 shipping if I mail them to you.  Free personal delivery if you live in the Kingsport area. 
  3. I'll be delivering the calendars during November and December.

Calendars make great Christmas gifts for the people on your list who have everything.   They can be great gifts for your business clients as well.  Buy from me, support a great ministry and avoid the crowds at the big box stores.

Thanks to the 47 people who voted this year.  You really make my job easier and the calendar better.   If I had picked you might have seen photos from the bottom of the list on the 2017 calendar.

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