Thursday, April 20, 2017

Big Prints

Some of you may not know this but I sell prints of my photos. I have a pretty wide selection online but have a huge selection available offline. Recently a customer in Chattanooga Tennessee was looking for prints to decorate his new home. I was able to work with him to find the images he wanted.   He wanted all the prints to be in black and white, which I was able to do for him. He chose five canvas prints and four prints on paper.

Reelfoot Lake - Six Foot Wide Gallery Wrap Canvas
 Gallery wrap canvas prints are very popular because they look great and don't have to be framed, saving considerable cost. As you can see, I can sell some very large canvas prints.

Iceland Beach - 45" x 30" Gallery Wrap Canvas
Because of the way the photos are printed on canvas, I can print the same image two or three times larger than traditional prints on paper.
Two 20"x30" Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints
 The canvas wraps around a wooden frame making the print stand out from the wall.
Mt. St. Helens -Five Foot Wide Gallery Wrap Canvas
I can also print on paper or metal, which is another popular option.  With metal prints, the image is printed directly on an aluminum sheet, which is then mounted to float about an inch off the wall. These are great for vibrant color prints.

If you're interested in ordering prints of any of my photos, just drop me a note to  List prices are available on my website at -  Contact me about discounted prices.

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  1. A great illustration of the potential of images usually seen only on a monitor. The B&W theme must make for nice continuity from room to room. This order must have been especially fun to work on.