Friday, September 21, 2018

It's Time To Vote (on calendar photos)

No dirty politics or ugly campaign ads here.  Just me asking for your help picking the photos to go on my 2019 calendar.

I have done the hard part and gone through 8,546 photos from the past 12 months and narrowed them down to 38. Now I need your help with the really hard part - picking the finalists to go on the calendar for next year.

There are a few changes for 2019:
#3 Monet at Bays Mountain

  • I'm trying out a new company to print the calendars.  I used the same company for years but they have made some major mistakes in the last couple of years.  I haven't used this new company before and am praying that their quality will be outstanding.  
  • I will also be switching from the spiral bound to a stapled format, which saves on printing costs.  This means more money goes to charity.
  • Two spots will be reserved on the calendar for photos I haven't taken yet.  I'm heading to Grand Tetons National Park and hope to come home with a couple calendar-worthy photos.  No pressure, right? I'll pick those last two, add them to the calendar and announce the election results in mid-October.
Here's how you can vote.
  1. Go to the 2019 Calendar Candidates gallery on my website -
  2. Pick your favorite 12 photos that you would like to see on the calendar.  The order doesn't matter so no need to rank them as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.  Each photo has a title and number from 1 - 38.  I need the number.  
  3. Email the list of 12 to by Tuesday, October 9th.

The calendars will be $15 again this year and all the profit is donated to a local charity.  If all goes well I will have them available in early November.   You can pre-order calendars by sending an email to  I deliver locally.  In the past, I have mailed calendars to customers across the US, Japan, and Europe and I will do that again this year for $3 per calendar.  International rates will be a little higher.

Feel free to forward this on to friends that may be interested in a calendar.  As long as they plan to buy one they can vote.

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