Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here's a blog any landscape photographer will enjoy

On the right side of my blog page is a list of other blogs that I keep up with.   You can find these under the "Other Great Blogs I Follow" section.   These blogs are from people I find to be great photographers that are willing to share their knowledge with others.   Every day there is are new posts in this list that contains exceptional photography, interesting stories, great instruction, and inspiring words.  I check it every day.

I want to point out a blog post that I found very useful.   The February 25 blog on In the Moment: Michael Frye's Landscape Photography Blog Site is a critique of another photographer's photograph.  Michael does these critiques on a regular basis and you find find all of them on his blog site.   This one is almost a landscape photography lesson in a single blog entry.  He spends a good deal of time analyzing the photo, making suggestions, and even photoshopped in a slightly different composition to illustrate a point.   Reading this blog has given me some new ideas and reminded me of things I need to know but tend to forget.  

Take a look at this blog post.  Then browse his site and read some of the others.  You'll find a wealth of good info to improve your landscape photography.

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