Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great Landscape Photographers

If you're reading this on my blog site you may notice a list just to the right labeled

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You'll find listed there a few photographers I admire.  Some I know personally, others I just know from their photography.   All are excellent and inspire me to improve my photography every time I go out.   At the bottom of that list is a link labeled The Worlds Greatest Landscape Photographers.   This is a larger list put together by David Herreman in Belgium.  If I attempted to make such a list it would be very similar to David's.  If you are a landscape shooter or just enjoy looking at outstanding landscape photographs, check out David's list.  If you click on the thumbnail picture you will go to that photographer's website.  


Many of these photographers are on Google+ and clicking the G+ will take you to their Google+ page.   I don't know what will happen if you're not a Google+ user.   Maybe you can see the pages, maybe not.   If you're a photographer and not on Google+ then you're missing out.   Go sign up and start adding other photographers to your circles.   It's an amazing online community.


 The photo is Laurel Run Falls in Hawkins County, TN.

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